Hong Kong Wedding Terms

1. If the Photographer cannot attend the shooting due to personal reasons, full amount of the deposit will be refunded to the Client. Otherwise, the 50% deposit cannot be refunded, exchanged and transferred under any circumstances.

2. The remaining 50% of the deposit needs to be paid on the shooting day or within 24hours after the shooting. Late payment will affect the date for photo delivery.

3. Extra shooting time is HK$500/15mins/team plus taxi fee if the shooting time is earlier than 8:30am or later than 10:30pm.

4. High-resolution refers to at least 3mb of size for each photo.

5. All photos will be colour edited. If the Client wants to have advanced editing, such as enhancement of body shapes and skins in the photos, the charge will be HK$300 each.

6. For a full-day wedding, the Client has to provide lunch, dinner and transportation for the Photographer and the crew on the shooting day. The Client needs only to provide either lunch or dinner and transportation for a half-day wedding.

7. Taxi fees will be charged for special locations and venues, including the way from photographer’s home to venue and from venue to photographer’s home. Special locations are places that are more than 8-minute walking distance from MTR stations, KCR stations or all outlying islands.

8. If a Typhoon Warning Signal No. 8 or above is hoisted or a Black Rainstorm Warning is in effect at two hours before the commencement of the wedding day:

8.1 The Clients may elect to cancel the shooting. Subject to the schedule of Sophia Kwan Weddings, the shooting may be rescheduled to another day within 6 months from the wedding day and HK$3,000 surcharge will be charged;

8.2 The Client may elect to have the shooting. In such circumstances, an additional fee of HK$6,000 per crew will be charged for shooting (“Adverse Weather Charges”). Taxi fees will be charged to the shooting venue. The Client needs to guarantee the safety of the Photographer and the crew. The Client is responsible for any injuries of the Photographer and the crew or equipment loss due to severe weather conditions.

9. If a Typhoon Warning Signal No. 3 is hoisted or a Yellow or Red Rainstorm Warning is in effect at two hours before the commencement of the wedding day: Taxi fees are needed to the shooting venue.

10. In circumstances when parking fees apply, the Client will be the one to pay for the charges.

11. Sophia Kwan Weddings is the exclusive provider of the photography services on the Client’s wedding day.

12. Photos will be delivered to the Client within 12 weeks. HK$500/week will be charged if the Client requires the delivery to be made less than 12 weeks.

13. The shipping fee of wooden USB box will be paid by the Client.

14. The Client can ask for re-edits of the photos within 2 days after receiving the photos. Otherwise, an extra cost of HK$300 for a photo will be charged.

15. All photos taken may be used for promotion purposes. The Photographer has the right to publish the photos to media without the permission of the Client.

16. The Photographer is not liable to the safety of the Client’s personal belonging.

17. All photos and raw files will not be kept by the photographer for 3 months after the Client received the photos.

18. Should any dispute arise, the decision of Sophia Kwan Weddings shall be final.