Sophisticated Hong Kong Church Wedding at Cathedral of The Immaculate Conception & Four Seasons

What is so special about a Church Wedding? So here’s the thing, we always have our preferences when it comes to the type of wedding that we want to have. For sure, you already have an idea of what your wedding would look like and what type it would be. You might have even imagined […] OPEN POST

Luxury Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong Wedding Banquet

In every wedding, it has always been great to see lovely and happy faces of families rejoicing with the lovely couple on their big day. It is a refreshing sight to see people laughing, crying, and cheering as support to the most anticipated of any man and woman. For any Hong Kong wedding, this is […] OPEN POST

Hong Kong Church Wedding at Discovery Bay with Samantha & Sunny

An Hong Kong Church wedding has always been one of the most common and preferred types of wedding people choose. It has always been a great idea to have your wedding inside the sanctuary of the Almighty. For Samantha and Sunny, two of the things they have enjoyed in the ceremony are the solemnity of […] OPEN POST

Outdoor Ceremony Crowne Plaza Kowloon East Wedding | Gina & Major

We are fully aware that the most essential part of a wedding ceremony is the vows between the bride and groom. Couples make vows as a proclamation of their commitment and devotion to the relationship. Oftentimes, each spouse writes their vows personally in order for them to fully express what they feel towards their partner. And at […] OPEN POST
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