SKW Special: A Chill Art Gallery Wedding Hong Kong | Sharon & Soyeung

Sharon & Soyeung 的婚禮是我見過最有型創新的,由 Lana Del Rey、黑色姐妹裙、場刊到敬茶,樣樣都花盡心思,每一part都是藝術品。我好欣賞他們沒有選擇在酒店擺酒,相反在Art Gallery Space 27 擺酒與一班長輩’癲返晚‘,我還記得當晚不停地接下快門,張張都是藝術照。多謝Sharon & Soyeung 的賞識,我才能有機會拍攝他們的婚禮,而且被 ELLE HK 刊登。

P.S. 當晚還有 Ivana Wong 王菀之 做表演嘉賓呢!

Sharon and Soyeung’s wedding is one of the most creative weddings that I have ever covered. They did not have to go to the mainstream of choosing a wedding banquet. But instead, they decided to continue the celebration in an art gallery. Their choices of wedding songs were not the typical ones. Instead of us getting lullabied by oh-so romantic songs, everyone was serenaded by Lana del Ray’s voice. Indeed, it has been a great experience and privilege to be chosen by this very cool couple. This unique wedding will be covered by ELLE HK. Please do grab a copy!

Photography: Sophia Kwan
Makeup: Cloris
Hair: Jean
Florist: The Spring Is Here – Flower Laboratory
Gown: Viktor & Rolf
Decoration: The Wooden Fox
Venue: Space 27