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Singapore Engagement Photo | Dorothy & JS

It is normal for us to have our own preferences – the food we eat, the books we read, and even the television shows we watch. Every single day we make our own choices, as long as these things suit as best. In the same note, every person also makes sure that he or she chooses the BEST. And this is what Dorothy and JS did when they found each other. And here’s the catch, they, too, have chosen one of the best venues for an overseas engagement photo shoot: SINGAPORE!

What a seemingly urban setting turned into a romantic and dreamy set-up with two lovers around. The weather was perfect. The future groom was dashing. And the soon-to-be bride was stunning. Just what every photographer would need in an overseas engagement photo shoot!

Singapore is not only a country full of exquisite and world-class architectural structures, but it also has a fair share of sceneries that are just right for a good overseas engagement photo. Indeed, there is more to discover. Dorothy and JS here have fulfilled their mission to show that Singapore is a country worth exploring for.

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