Prepare your wedding day

Prepare Your Wedding Day

1. Clean your home or hotel room before we arrive

2. Prepare every thing

3. At least prepare 30mins for portrait session (outdoor or in hotel room)

4. For getting ready session, we suggest you book a hotel room with big windows & most importantly windows do not block any lights.

5. Do not use LED screen as a backdrop

6. Prepare umbrella if your wedding has the chance getting rain


Make Up Artists (natural & western style)


Bouquet  (please use fresh flower on your big day)


Lace Rope




If you want a ”fine art wedding style”, I’d suggest you prepare the below things:

-vintage tray or props:

-ring box:

-silk ribbon:

-invitation card



PS. The above images are not taken by me. If you want to see more references, please search on pinterest.