Pre-Wedding Photos: Poses for Your Engagement Shoot

Taking Pre-Wedding Photos as an Engaged Couple

Yay! You’re engaged! So the question here is… what’s nextThis is probably one of the huge dilemmas any engaged couple would have. Once your man puts a ring on your finger, what should be the next step then? Well, what would be a better way to tell the world that you are engaged than your pre-wedding photos! Now the greater challenge is… how would you pose as a couple to get the best pictures?

How to Pose for Your Pre-Wedding Photos

Posting in front of the camera may be a struggle most especially if you are not used to it. There are couples who love to have their photos taken. But there are also lovers who prefer to stay lowkey. And there’s nothing wrong with that!

So, whether or not you are game for the camera or you feel awkward in front of it, you and your partner should try these poses!

9 Poses for Your Pre-wedding Photo Shoot

  1. “Dance with me.”

Practising for your wedding dance might not be a bad idea while you are in your photoshoot. It gives your dress a good emphasis, which means a nice spin will definitely do the trick. Thus, we recommend this pose in an outdoor location since it definitely gives you the “vibe”.

Poses for the Best Pre-wedding Photos

Pose and clothing inspiration for Pre-wedding/ Engagement photography hong kong

2. “Careless Whispers”

Leaning towards your fiancee’s ears actually makes a good photo. Try whispering something funny and the camera is definitely going to capture that smile!

groom hugging bride with red lace dress and bouquet on pre wedding photo shoot

shy bride and groom in the garden hk pre wedding photo shoot

  1. “Runaway with Me”

This pose is definitely one of the classics in pre-wedding photos and indeed, it never gets old! It is a subtle way of saying to your lover to go with you wherever you would go. So, my love, will you run away with me?

pre wedding photos and engagement photography locations in hong kong

pre wedding/ engagement photography in outdoor Hong Kong

4. “I got my eyes on you.”

Looking intently to the eyes of your lover and assuring the person that he/she is the only apple of your eyes would be the most romantic thing ever. Who knows? Your photographer might even see some ants in his/her lens because of your sweetness! (Kidding!)

couple pre wedding photos/ Hong Kong engagement photography

couple pose for pre wedding photo shoot in the studio in Hong Kong

5. “Forehead kisses”

Forehead kisses are one of the most beautiful things in the world. And to have captured it on camera is definitely something. If you mean for your shoot to be natural, then this pose is essential. It stirs up emotions. This pose catches people’s attention.

groom kissing bride forehead in pre wedding/ engagement photography

elderly couple photography in outdoor

6. “Talk to me and tell me your name.”

Communication is important in any relationship, therefore being able to capture the way you talk and communicate with your partner is actually one of the most natural shots ever. There are no pretentions involved. It’s just you and your lover getting comfortable with each other.

sweet couple engagement photography in outdoor by the sea

casual pre wedding/ engagement photography

7. “Wacky!”

For photographers, the goal of every pre-wedding photoshoot is for you to enjoy and savour unforgettable moments with your loved one. And this means… you are free to do wacky poses in front of the camera!

couple pre wedding photos in the garden holding board "just married"

pre-wedding photos

8. “Sealed with a kiss!”

There is nothing more to say. A kiss in the lips will take your breath away!

pre-wedding photos couple kiss in the beach

pre-wedding photos couple kiss under the sunset in harbour

9. “Candid”

As a couple who wants a good pre-wedding photo, candid moments are the best things to be captured. You can spontaneously do whatever you want as long as you are having fun. Embrace the moment and feel confident.

pre-wedding photos indoor

pre-wedding photos couple holding their favourite albums

pre-wedding photos

pre-wedding photos couple holding hands in the snow in japan

pre-wedding/ engagement photography in Paris The Eiffel Tower

pre-wedding/ engagement photos in Mongolia

At Sophia Kwan Weddings, it is our heartbeat to see create masterpieces out of candid and surreal moments. We live for the NOW and we want you to feel comfortable in front of our cameras. If you want to shout, dance, laugh, or cry with your partner, then go ahead. Nothing would ever beat the randomness of you and your lover.