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Majestic Hallstatt Overseas Engagement Photography with Nikki & Kaming

As couples, you will always have the choice as to where you would plan to have pre-wedding photos taken. Some prefer it in Hong Kong, others do it around Asia, but a lot also choose Europe. There are actually a lot of European destinations that we would recommend as photographers. Europe is just a wonderful continent that showcases places more than you could ever imagine. And you’ll get to understand why a European location has a contribution to a great overseas engagement photo.

Truth is, Austria is not really every couple’s first choice as their overseas engagement photo shoot location. Most couples prefer France, Italy, or Greece. But one hidden gem in any photographer’s eye is Hallstatt, Austria’s oldest village. For Nikki and Kaming, they made it sure that Hallstatt would the highlight of their overseas pre-wedding photos.

One fact about Hallstatt is that its wealth comes from one of the people’s culinary commodity: Salt. But with Nikki and Kaming, there’s only sweetness that you can taste!

If you want to discover the grandeur Hallstatt brings in an overseas engagement photo shoot, then scroll down and check the photos out!