HK Outdoor Engagement Photo | Katie & Logos

As a wedding photographer, it has always been fascinating for us to see couples who have a different kind of connection with each other. You will just feel their intimacy the moment they hold their hands or hug each other. This is one thing that makes us more motivated to do what we do, one of which is providing an engagement photo shoot.

Speaking of couples, we are in awe of how Katie and Logos managed our pre-wedding photo shoot. As they pose in front of the camera, you could see the genuine emotions they have for each other. From the kisses, the hugs, and even the running away shots, you just can’t resist but smile at how candid the photos are! Logos playing the violin creates an impact with the moment, too. You could see how Katie’s eyes glisten as she watched Logos slid his bow unto the strings of his instrument.

And the sunset? It is just so perfect for the setting. Scroll down to check the results of their engagement photo shoot!

Vendors List:

Photographer: Janet Chan

MUA: Nic’s Makeup Studio

Bouquet: Smiley Florist