Simple Yet Exquisite Hong Kong Wedding at The Verandah | Elaine & Richard

A Hong Kong wedding has always been one of the most anticipated celebrations that we will have in our life. This is one of those special days that you’ll feel a little bit extra of everything. There’s the fact that you will see people so excited about the bride and the groom. You’ll see the entire family reunited after how many years. The entire venue will be filled with decorations and the whole day will be celebrated with bliss.

Elaine and Richard are two happy people who are more than willing to share their Hong Kong wedding to us. For the vendor list, the bride’s gorgeous face was the work of Janice Chu Makeup. Emily chose The Wedding Gown for her gown. Janet Chan took these lovely photos. And Angela’s Wedding Design decorated the entire place.

Check the simple yet exquisite wedding of Elaine and Richard at The Verandah below!

hong kong wedding