Creative Hong Kong Engagement Photography Shoot with Stephy & Singwai

Just looking at Stephy and Singwai would make you wonder how Hong Kong engagement photography can actually display a couple’s emotions towards each other. Their eyes are obviously glistening by just merely looking at each other’s faces. There are no awkward moments but only raw and natural moments captured.

Why Candid Photos are Important in Hong Kong Engagement Photography?

If you are getting so hyped up with your engagement yet there is a dilemma if you should go for a pre-wedding photography package, it is probably because you may not feel comfortable being the subject of a camera. We can’t blame you for that. Believe us when we tell you that it is actually normal. You might probably be one of those couples who prefer to keep things in private. But having your engagement photos would not hurt you. In fact, it is also great to let the world know that you and your fiancée are two happy and in love human beings.

But the question is, how will you even do that? How can you make yourself less awkward in front of the camera? The answer is actually very simple… stay candid. In Hong Kong engagement photography, we think that going too traditional on poses is just overrated. Yes, it is nice to have that fierce pose if you want to but if you really want people to know how authentic your photos are, then just being yourself in front of the camera is the way to go. You can pretend to be the couple that you are not but why would you even bother doing so?

Go and laugh with your partner. Be weird together and do whatever you want like there’s only the two of you in the room. Display your real emotions and forget that someone is even taking pictures of you. At Sophia Kwan Weddings, we bring out the best scenes through candid moments. We want to show the whole world that we are not only taking pictures for good looking people but rather, we want them to know how genuine your love is for each other.

Vendors List:

Photography: Sophia Kwan

Mua: Euthy at Makeup Fever


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