Lovely Couple Brings A Dog at Their Fun and Candid Engagement Photo Shoot

In a photo shoot, every element is necessary. We take advantage of the scenery, the weather, and even the sunlight. A Hong Kong engagement photo is perfect especially if you put in a natural setting. Our engagement shoot with Amelia and Jimmy is definitely an example of this.

In any Hong Kong engagement photo shoot, the location is essential. It creates an impact. As what you can see in the photos below, an outdoor setting is a great¬†choice. If you want it to be more authentic and dreamy, you can choose to shoot some of your photos in the woods. Make use of the sunlight and voila! You’ll get that surreal photo with the rays of the sun radiating on your skin.

To give a more candid vibe, Amelia and Jeff decided to bring their dog and used it in the shoot. This is definitely something that we would recommend! Do not be afraid to bring your pets if you want them to be a part of your photo shoot. They can actually add more beauty to your pictures.

Coffee shop and restaurant locations are also great if you want to display a more sophisticated look in your photos. It’s a wonderful sight to see how Amelia and Jeff managed to do this with a degree of romance you would most likely see!

Check their photos out to know more!

Vendors List:

Photography: Sophia Kwan

Mua: Nam Nam