Creative Hong Kong Engagement Photography Shoot with Stephy & Singwai

Just looking at Stephy and Singwai would make you wonder how Hong Kong engagement photography can actually display a couple’s emotions towards each other. Their eyes are obviously glistening by just merely looking at each other’s faces. There are no awkward moments but only raw and natural moments captured. Why Candid Photos are Important in […] OPEN POST

Lovely Couple Brings A Dog at Their Fun and Candid Engagement Photo Shoot

In a photo shoot, every element is necessary. We take advantage of the scenery, the weather, and even the sunlight. A Hong Kong engagement photo is perfect especially if you put in a natural setting. Our engagement shoot with Amelia and Jimmy is definitely an example of this. In any Hong Kong engagement photo shoot, […] OPEN POST

Walking through Paris with Kiki & Quentin in their Overseas Engagement Shoot

Paris has always been every girl’s dream travel destination. Just roaming around the “City of Love” gives you the vibe that you can actually fall in love with the city again and again and again! And for Kiki and Quentin, this has definitely happened! Choosing Paris as their overseas engagement location is just brilliant. You […] OPEN POST

Majestic Hallstatt Overseas Engagement Photography with Nikki & Kaming

As couples, you will always have the choice as to where you would plan to have pre-wedding photos taken. Some prefer it in Hong Kong, others do it around Asia, but a lot also choose Europe. There are actually a lot of European destinations that we would recommend as photographers. Europe is just a wonderful […] OPEN POST
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