Hong Kong-style Pre Wedding shoot

Choosing your Pre Wedding Photographer The most essential steps before every couple’s wedding are the pre-wedding shoot. It can be used events prior to the wedding day, also it is a chance to practice posting in front of the camera. Not to mention, these lovely photos are most likely to be used on wedding invitation […] OPEN POST

Outdoor Engagement Spot in Hong Kong

Outdoor Engagement Inspiration for Nature Lovers In any Hong Kong engagement photoshoot, the location is essential. It creates an impact. Outdoor Engagement photoshoot in Hong Kong is perfect especially if you put in a natural setting. We take advantage of the scenery, the weather, and even the sunlight. If you want it to be more […] OPEN POST

Sophia Kwan Weddings Special: Outdoor Hong Kong Engagement with Kayan & Derek

Outdoor Hong Kong engagement locations are the preferred places of a lot of couples. This is because you can freely strike a pose and immerse yourself in a scenic spot. Also, you can utilize the venue and all the things in it. If you are a couple who loves nature, you can choose a place […] OPEN POST

A Beautiful Hong Kong Engagement Shoot with Catherine & Chris

What is an engagement shoot? Why do you need a Hong Kong engagement photographer? It has always been a dilemma for couples to have their engagement photo shoot. A lot of people take some time to think about whether or not having a pre-wedding¬†shoot is necessary or not. People say that it is just a […] OPEN POST
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