We tell stories.

We know that you have been curious about the people behind the success of Sophia Kwan Weddings. As a team, we work hand in hand to be able to provide high quality services to our clients. Through the years, we have experienced different changes in our company with the sole purpose of improving ourselves to become better photographers for our clients.

We create works of art.

Through the years, the photographers of Sophia Kwan Weddings have always been flexible with the times. They improvise angles. They develop new concepts. All of these with the sole purpose of providing their clients the best services that they deserve.

Sophia Kwan

Wedding Photographer + Founder

The word ‘passionate’ defines her. Sophia is known for her keen eye on details which paved the way for her to succeed in her venture in wedding photography. Creativity has been a part of her veins ever since she was a child and she was able to carry it through her career. Her openness to change and flexibility to cater new ideas made Sophia Kwan Weddings one of people’s top choices in Hong Kong Wedding Photography.

Janet Chan

Wedding Photographer

Guided by Sophia, Janet immediately mastered her photography skills and was able to adopt her own style. She works with her clients with the desire of putting up a story with every photo taken – something that her clients actually love. She expresses her emotions through the photos she takes. And her strategy in photography reflects so much of her personality. An outgoing Janet.

Katie & logos

It's such an awesome experience to have Janet as our pre-wedding shooting photographer. She is a very nice and professional photographer who has been capturing and revealing the best of us all along. We are so excited and fabulous when we received the photos. Just take my breath away!!! Put your trust in Janet and she will give you an unforgettable experience :) Cheers!

Angus and Gut

Having photographed by Sophia and Janet was one of the best things that has happened in my wedding. Not only they are extremely professional and helpful in delivering the final results to us in such a short time, but we are very pleased to see how natural, yet refined they are our lives. They have a meticulous eye for revealing the best of us without the slightest hint of being staged. We put our faith in you and it came out perfectly, speaking for myself and behalf of my spouse who’s been camera shy for our whole lives

Yancy and Tony

Sophia and her team demonstrates enthusiasm and professionalism for our big day. As a wedding photographer, her photos translates the essence of our wedding, and picks up easy to miss details, allowing the bride and groom to re-live the moment through her pictures. Sophia and her team are punctual, polite and knows how to capture moments without asking you to create it. As a bride, I didn’t have to worry anything from her side as you can sense you’re in good hands, and she will give you her undivided attention on that day. A true experience that can’t get any better. Thank you again Sophia and her team for producing the memories of our lifetime.

Michelle and Justin

Our engagement session in August last year with Sophia was definitely an enjoyable one. Sophisticated yet easy to work with, she is a professional photographer with a clear vision. The set of photographs she delivered exceeded our expectation - we were simply stoked by the way our love was captured so naturally and also how she incorporated the right amount of creativity in her work. We do not hesitate to recommend Sophia to couples looking for a professional photographer for their engagement sesh, prewedding or wedding day.

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