Hong Kong Wedding Hacks: Venues to Consider on Your Wedding Day

Hong Kong Wedding Hacks: Wedding Venues in HK

With our previous articles, we are certain that you had ideas of what vendors to choose for your wedding day. While this is true, we also are aware that we have not yet given you some choices to consider in one of the highlights of your wedding day: your venue.

This can be tricky since a wedding venue plays a crucial part in a wedding day. If you do not choose a good venue, you might end up not having the best day of your life. And this is not something you want to happen.

The great news is that we have prepared for you the best places to consider. Good environment, intimate ambience, and an elegant location are some of the few things you’ll have to look into.

Hong Kong Wedding Venues to Consider

1. Ritz Carlton

If you are looking for luxury and elegance in one venue, Ritz Carlton is a place to consider. With the world-class facilities they can offer, you and your partner will definitely make the most of your wedding. Your guests will end up being in awe with the grand venue of your wedding.

2. Pool House Grand Hyatt

If you want a sophisticated kind of wedding, Grand Hyatt is actually for you. Grand Hyatt’s Pool House is best chosen if your wedding is going to be intimate. Enjoy the chill environment and the elegance embodied by this beautiful place.

3. American Club

A touch of Western style is actually a good idea if you want your wedding to be more modernized. If this is something you’d consider, we strongly recommend The American Club. This venue can actually compete with other good wedding receptions out there. Its premier facilities boast the kind of hospitality anyone would want to experience.


So if you hear the wedding bells ringing, calm down and stop panicking. Start ticking those boxes and find the best Hong Kong wedding venue for your big day!


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