1. When should I make a booking?
We suggest that you book a pre-wedding photoshoot with us 6 months in advance. For wedding day, a year in advance is ideal.
2. How do I secure my booking? Can the deposit be refunded?
Make a 50% deposit to secure your booking. The 50% deposit can not be refunded, exchanged or transferred under any circumstances.
3. Do you shoot with film or digital?
We shoot both but we actually use film cameras for our personal work only. We believe a professional photographer can create good images regardless of the equipment.
4. What do high resolution photos mean?
All photos are in high-resolution, which means the photos are at least 3mb. This size is enough for canvas / album printing, if case you are wondering.
5. When can we receive the photos after shooting?
Photos will be delivered to you within 12-15 weeks. For those who cannot wait that amount of time, we do provide shorter delivery time for a little surcharge.
6. Can we get back all the raw files?
Unfortunately, no raw files or original photos will be returned.
7. Do you have your own studio? Can we have a photoshoot there?
We're going to have a new studio soon! If you wish to be photographed at a studio right now, we can arrange a suitable studio for the photoshoot.
8. If I have already confirmed with you online, can I still meet with you?
Yes, of course. We will have a face-to-face meet-up.
9. How is the makeup artist arranged?
A list of make up artists will be sent to you after the deposit made. You can choose you favourite artist based on our list.
10. What if I don’t find anyone I like on the list?
You can always find the make up artist you like on your own.
11. What is your policy in terms of inclement weather and re-scheduling?
In case of inclement weather our photoshoot will be re-scheduled free of charge, but the re-scheduling shall be decided 2 days before the original shooting.
12. What if the sky is cloudy on the day for my photoshoot? Can you edit the photos in that case?
Please note that photos taken in a cloudy day cannot be edited as ones taken in sunny weather. Cloudy days have their own charm in photos.
13. Are you legally registered as a business?
Rest assured, we are legally registered.